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Are you looking to reduce your rising electricity bills or perhaps take a step towards a more self-sufficient future? Solar panels exeter could be the solution you need. From minimising energy consumption from the grid to planning battery storage, we offer a bespoke installation service in Exeter tailored just for you. Our comprehensive service includes site surveys, quotations, installation, and warranty certification to ensure you receive quality service.
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Investing in Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a valuable addition to your property. The payback period varies for each installation, depending on factors such as orientation, pitch, and size of the roof. However, a typical system usually pays for itself in around seven years. Gaining independence from large energy suppliers also insulates you from future price increases, especially as we move towards an increasingly electric energy-dependent future.

Solar Panel Maintenance & Warranty

Exeter Solar Panels require minimal maintenance once installed. We cover your installation with a standard two-year warranty from RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code). As members, we maintain a high standard of work and want our customers to be confident when choosing SL Electricals for their solar panel and battery installations. Being an MCS-registered company further establishes our credibility.

Solar Panel Installers Exeter

Additional Benefits

In addition to the core advantages of lowering your electricity bills and increasing energy independence, solar panels exeter offer a range of supplemental benefits that can enhance your lifestyle and property value.

These features are designed to make the most of your investment, offering added functionality that complements the solar panel installation. Below are three key additional benefits: battery storage, feed-in tariffs, and electric vehicle charging options.

Solar Battery Storage

Battery storage enables you to retain excess energy generated by the solar panels. This stored energy can then be used to reduce your reliance on the grid and further increase your savings. When your property starts drawing power from the grid, the battery supplies the stored energy.
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Electric Vehicle Chargers and More

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers and hot water systems can also be integrated with your Solar Panels Exeter system. Contact us for more details on these options.
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Solar Panels Exeter Energy Diverter

Feed in Tariff

If you generate surplus energy that can't be utilised through battery storage or hot water diversion, a feed-in tariff might be worth considering. This setup allows your energy supplier to pay you for sending excess electricity back to the grid.
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How do Solar Panels Work?

It's a misconception that solar panels need a hot summer's day to perform at their best. The panels work from sunlight and convert this sunlight into electricity by using photovoltaic cells (PV). The panels or cells are made up of two silicon layers, which are divided into individual cells. One layer has a positive charge, and the second layer has a negative charge. As the sunlight (photons) hits the panel and passes through, it releases electrons and produces an electric charge. This direct current (DC) flows through the circuit and is sent to the inverter on the system, which then converts the charge from DC to AC (alternating current). This is how we can then use the power converted in our homes, properties, and businesses.

There are three main types of solar panels: monocrystalline cells, polycrystalline cells, and thin-film amorphous silicon cells. These all vary in efficiency and cost, with monocrystalline being the most popular in today's market. These are the darker-looking panels you see and have efficiency ratings of above 20%. Polycrystalline panels have a more speckled blue look to them with an efficiency of around 15%. They also have a shorter lifespan. Thin-film cell solar panels are much cheaper and easier to produce, with only 7% efficiency.

Solar Panel FAQs

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